Los Angeles is home to some of the most courageous people in the world.  The majority of the people who move to Los Angeles come here because they have a dream.  This is the city of dreamers and dream killers.  Whether they are looking to make it in film, television, music, or some other area of the entertainment industry, these brave people have left everything:  family, friends, home, and comfort to follow dreams, doing whatever it takes to make it happen.


Almost from day one, those who move to LA to be a part of the changing and re-shaping of the culture of the entertainment industry come under fire from the enemy. The enemy doesn't like those coming into his territory with the courage and hope from God that will literally destroy what he has been building for decades.  And he uses anything that will distract people from their calling.  He will hurl lies at them until they no longer believe the dream that God gave them in the first place.  He will find ways to destroy hope and purpose, isolating people and making them feel extremely lonely and hopeless, until many of them simply leave the city and go back home. 


Our dream, as Re-Generation, is to help people discover who they are as sons and daughters, and to step out to follow the dreams and passions that are within them. Our mission is to provide family, friendship, home and a safe place for people who are here, not only to follow a dream, but who are here to bring "light" into "darkness". We are called to stand along side the ones who are called to bring change to the culture of the entertainment industry, providing them with everything they need to make that happen.